What is TripleLog?

I will post code snippets (with repls on Replit.com that anyone can clone), blog posts, and short videos that chronicle the development of several websites using a variety of techniques and tools. Hopefully you will learn something and be inspired to create something, but TripleLog does not aim to be an all-in-one location to learn web development.


I will be creating videos that quickly showcase my development process. Most videos will compress several hours of development into a few minutes so they are not comprehensive walk-thrus. They should, however, be fast-paced enough that you can actually watch the entire video. 

If any part of the video inspires you to want to learn more, there will usually be lots of links to more in-depth resources from me as well as the rest of the internet. I will try to cover as many unique aspects of web development as possible.

Blog Posts

Most videos will be accompanied by a blog post or two covering interesting and/or important topics. These posts should contain some code to learn from or copy/paste, and the goal is to provide a more comprehensive look at a smaller problem.

Code Snippets

Most days I will create a repl on Replit.com and also showcase the code on the TripleLog website. Some of these snippets will be very simple while others will be more comprehensive projects. It should be simple to clone them on Replit and play around with them. Or you can copy/paste and use for any other purpose.

The code will not necessarily be the optimal way to solve your particular problem so I do encourage making an effort to understand it well enough to make some improvements.


For now there are four websites: Digitizer Fun, Sudoku Farm, Mathzetta, and CSS Hole. In 2023, more websites will be added to the portfolio.

Digitizer Fun

Digitizer Fun is a collection of games that work best with a stylus or pen input on a tablet. Complete sudokus, color by numbers, play Emoji Seclusion, and a bit more.


Mathzetta is a website that converts a large and growing selection of math inputs into a postfixed notation that can be converted into a small and growing selection of outputs. It should handle normal math, Python and JavaScript math, and a bit of simple LaTeX. For now it can only generate LaTeX.

CSS Hole

CSS Hole is a collection of web pages that are surprisingly interactive without any JavaScript. Complete sudokus (and even Sudoku Farm), play chess (or some puzzles), view sortable tables, and more.

Sudoku Farm

Sudoku Farm is a game that adds a turn-base strategy component to regular sudoku puzzles. You need to complete the puzzle without running out of any resource.


For coding related questions, you can post to the subreddit (reddit.com/r/triplelog). For other questions and inquires, email [email protected].