How to use the site
  • Click a piece to make it active. It should be highlighted
  • Then click the piece to make a bridge.
  • If it is possible to add a bridge, another will be added. If the pair is already at the max, the bridge(s) will be deleted. An invalid pair will do nothing.
  • Click the reset button to clear your progress.
  • Click the New Puzzle to select a new puzzle from the same or a new difficulty. Already completed puzzles will have a completely green background while partially completed puzzles will be partially green.
  • Click the Home button to return to the home for this puzzle.
  • If you win, a message should appear allowing you to select a new puzzle.
  • Click the Show Solution button right above this message to show the solution.
Rules of the Game
Connect chess pieces with bridges following valid chess moves for each piece. If both pieces can move to the other square, then up to 2 bridges are allowed. If just 1 piece can move, then a max of 1 bridge is allowed.

1. The total number of bridges for each piece must equal the number in its square.

2. Bridges do not intersect each other or another piece.

3. Bridges must connect all pieces into one network.

Valid moves are standard chess moves for queens, rooks, bishops, and knights. Queens can move any distance along rows, columns, or diagonals. Rooks can move along rows and columns. Bishops can move along either diagonal.

Knights cannot jump over pieces like in chess. They move exactly 2 squares along a row and then 1 square along a column or 2 squares along a column and then 1 square on a row. Knights always move the 2 squares first so 2 knights that are connected to each other form a rectangle of bridges rather than a double of one type.

Bridges can move between 2 different types of pieces so you need to check possible bridges in, even if the original piece could not make the move.

For Simple and Easy puzzles, possible bridges are shown as gray, dashed lines. If you are not confident about what bridges are allowed, start with these puzzles.
Tips & Tricks
1. Find pieces where every bridge needs to be used.

2. Eliminate bridges intersecting an existing bridge.

3. Eliminate bridges that make the total exceed the max.