Lightweight CSS Sudoku
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Create a sudoku game that is just one HTML/CSS file.

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The index.html file is a generated file, so don't change it (any changes will be overwritten when you run script.js). Modify the template.html file.


A lot of CSS to run the game is included in the generated HTML file. Modify the style.css file to change the styling.


The script.js file generates the static file. You will need the nunjucks module and then just run node script.js to generate the index.html file.

The generated puzzles only include buttons for the correct number in each cell, making the game much smaller/faster. However, it does prevent accidental errors so the game is a bit different. If the user makes three wrong guesses, a message will appear over the board.

You do need to provide an unsolved puzzle and the solved puzzle. By default the format is one line of the form unsolved,solved.