Simple Flask App
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This repl creates a static HTML/CSS sudoku game from a puzzle. Set the numbers to be digits or any set of characters including emojis. Any rectangular sized puzzle should work, but larger ones will be too big/slow.

Run the project (python3 to start the server. Then visit localhost:81 or your repl url to see a simple form to create a sudoku puzzle. Enter a puzzle string with . to signify blank squares. These can be generated at QQwing or elsewhere. Then set the size if is not a 3x3. Then set the characters to represent each number if you want emojis or something instead of digits.

To view this on TripleLog, click here.


Use the jinja2 templating to generate the file from template.html. The syntax is similar to nunjucks.


A template file called template.html is used to eventually create the HTML file with the final game.

Once the HTML file is generated in the puzzles directory, the server should automatically serve it.


A lot of the CSS is generated automatically inline. There is also a style.css file in the puzzles directory that can be edited to style the page.