Skeleton HTML
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This repl is just a simple skeleton HTML file to get a new website started. You can fork the repl and create your own site within Replit or download and serve elsewhere. If you want to edit on your own computer, you can use a simple Python server for development or just open the file in your browser of choice.

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Change the lang in the html tag to the language of the site if it is not English. The charset and viewport should stay the same unless you know something different is required. The favicon is the little image next to the title in a browser tab. Upload a favicon and link to the correct location.

Set the title by adding text in the title tag. Set the description (which often shows up in search results) by editing the content attribute of the description tag.

Add divs, text, and other elements to the body tag to create your website. Be creative or boring -- whatever you want.


Add CSS by editing the style.css file that is linked to in the head section or inline edit the style section in the head.


Add JavaScript by editing the script.js file linked to at the bottom of the body section.