Sudoku Server
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This repl serves sudoku puzzles of a variety of sizes in both JavaScript and CSS only formats.

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Visit {{url}}/jspuzzle?p={{Puzzle String}}&x=3&y=3 to generate a JavaScript solvable puzzle where {{Puzzle String}} should be replaced by the string for the puzzle. x and y are the width and height of the blocks so 3 and 3 for a normal puzzle. You can also add &d=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to set the characters for each digit where you can just replace the digit with a letter, emoji, or another digit.

Visit {{url}}/csspuzzle?p={{Puzzle String}}&x=3&y=3 for the same but with CSS-only sudoku puzzles.

The index.html file grabs the parameters in the url to create the JS puzzles. The csstemplate.html is the template for the CSS only puzzles.


The style.css file applies to the CSS only puzzles while the CSS for the JS puzzles is included in the index.html file.


The server.js will create the HTML files and serve them. The JS puzzles can be served as a static file. Run the server with node server.js. You will need to npm install express and nunjucks.