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Solve each sudoku puzzle while gaining the correct number of yards before needing to punt. Each cell is a play and if you gain less than 10 yards on 3 downs then you must punt. Downs reset on each gain of 10 yards. Total yards for the row must match the number to the left.
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Junior Varsity
Division I
# per Page:1 2 4 6
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How to Play

Rules of the Game
Solve each sudoku puzzle while gaining the correct number of yards in each row. Moving from left to right in a row, each cell represents the number of yards gained on a down.

Each time you reach a total of 10 yards, you start over at first down for the next play. If you don't get at least 10 yards within 3 downs, then you must punt and the total for that row freezes at that point. Any future plays in that row are ignored.

For larger puzzles, the numbers 0-8 (not 1-9) are used, and smaller puzzles use 1-6. Each digit must appear once in each row, column, and block. Additionally, the yards gained must match the number given to the left of each row.
Example Computations
Down1st100Yards for1st DownTotalYards 2nd 9 1 1 3rd 3 7 6 1st 10 14 7 2nd 10 14 0 3rd 7 17 3 4th 5 19 2485Down1st100Yards for1st DownTotalYards 2nd 5 5 5 1st 10 11 6 2nd 10 11 0 3rd 3 18 7 1st 10 21 3 2nd 6 25 4 3rd 5 26 1 1st 10 34 8 2nd 8 36 2Down1st100Yards for1st DownTotalYards 2nd 6 4 4 3rd 1 9 5 1st 10 15 6 2nd 7 18 3 3rd 6 19 1 4th 4 21 2Down1st100Yards for1st DownTotalYards 2nd 5 5 5 3rd 3 7 2 4th 2 8 1634
Tips & Tricks
You need to be familiar with basic sudoku solving strategies, but advanced skills are not required. Note that the digits in the full 9x9 puzzles are 0-8 rather than the traditional 1-9 to make first downs less common, but the logic is the same as long you don't forget about 0.

It is usually better to focus on the left side of the puzzle since the order doesn't matter once 4th down has occurred. Rows with a total of less than 10 can make it easy to narrow down the first 3 plays.

The smallest and largest numbers are most likely to guarantee or prevent a first down, so they can be a bit easier to locate.

It is generally easier to first determine when a punt occurs and then add up all of the yards up to that point rather than trying to keep track as you go.